Discover how to send researched, personalized cold emails that get you clients.

Our Cold Email Service will help you ...

  • Put a Cold Email prospecting strategy in place so you can predictable generate more B2B leads

  • Fill your pipeline with sales opportunities so you can focus on growing the business

  • Consistently have more high-value sales calls with your ideal prospects and ultimately increase revenue

Tired Of An Empty Pipeline?

A lack of a predictable lead generation machine can lead to ...

☑ Extreme stress on you and your business
☑ Constantly failing to hit growth targets
☑ Lack of sales and missing revenue goals
☑ Ultimately the death of your business!

The Cold Email Launch Package

Imagine generating 10-20+ conversations with your target prospects every week through cold emailing

Imagine closing just 1 more deal every month

Imagine having a more steady stream of leads and customers without having to cold-call, network at events or, sit around waiting for referrals ...

Would that be useful for your business?

This is the reality for most businesses running Personalized Cold Email outreach.

Our Cold Email Service will give you everything you need to launch a successful prospecting and direct outreach campaign through Cold Emailing.

You could spend weeks, months, maybe even YEARS launching your own campaign.

And the truth is .. one little mistake could sabotage your campaign or even worse, land you in the spam folder.

Our Launch Package will ensure you have everything you need to be successful with Cold Email Outreach and lead generation campaign, for a fraction of the cost of hiring a team in-house to do it for you.

Here's How It Works

✎ Step 1:

Together we identify your ideal client and then start building lead lists

✎ Step 2:

Converting Marketing finds the owners' direct emails

✎ Step 3:

Converting Marketing writes and customizes every email with personalized, researched compliments to the prospects

✎ Step 4:

Converting Marketing sends the emails from your name

Who is this for?

Any B2B Service provider that:

  • Has case studies with great client results.

  • Charges upwards of $3,000 - $20,000+ per month

  • Has the capability to get on multiple sales calls per week.